Cowboy Dan- Modest Mouse

Cause, Cowboy Dan’s a major player in the cowboy scene
He goes to the reservation drinks and gets mean
He goes to the desert, fires his rifle in the sky
And says, “God if I have to die you will have to die”

En route to Portland for Modest Mouse round 2! Peace out, Seattle

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This makes you feel good



Randy Described Eternity by Built to Spill

I’m gonna be perfect starting now 



On a night in the early summer driving home my mind clicked it all together. After sitting through three hours of Boyhood, Modest Mouse’s 1999 compilation Building Nothing Out of Something aligned dots for my appreciation not only of that album but the entire band. “Never Ending Math Equation”…

Beautifully written observations of Modest Mouse’s music & how it connects with people during different periods of life



Freeze your blood and then stab it into me



"In The Air III" — Tim Hecker

There is a ghost in this song. We can hear it, but we can never listen to what it’s saying. After enduring this intense album, that small detail might just break your heart. 


Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin at Moogfest 2012 by Adam David Kissick.



"Do Ya Think I`m Sexy?" was released by American disco singer Rod Stewart in 1979 as the first track on his 9th studio album "Blondes Have More Fun" through Riva Records. It was written by Rod Stewart, Carmine Appice and Duane Hitchings. The song peaked at number 1 on both the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart and the UK Singles Chart.

Well, there goes any credibility I had



it’s good to be young but let’s not kid ourselves
it’s better to pass on through those years and come out the other side
with our hearts still beating
having stared down demons
come back breathing” 


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John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats joins Fresh Air to talk about his new novel, Wolf in White Van, his dark adolescence, and the best part of his job: 

"I hang out and sign records for an hour or two hours every night and I like to hear as many people’s stories as I can, because if somebody wants to share their story with me, I want to honor that. … But if you’re hearing a bunch of [stories], it gets very intense. It’s a lot.

I feel a duty. … I really think there’s a lot of music you can use to heal and save yourself. It’s not like I have some magic power and I reached inside somebody and said, “Oh, you didn’t know this about yourself until I wrote this song.” That’s not true. What I did is I made a thing, and somebody who needed to find something found mine and chose to meet me out on that ground.

It’s this area of communication that is unique to music, I think. That’s a choice that the listener makes to share that part of themselves with the artist who hopefully shared part of himself. … It’s very intense to have those sorts of conversations, have people sharing stuff that may be a secret, but I try to be worthy of it. It’s an honor. I’ve worked a lot of jobs — this is the best one.”



Guided By Voices - Game Of Pricks

you could never be strong
you can only be free
and I never asked for the truth
but you owe that to me

My second favorite song of all time


Deerhunter | Strange Lights

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Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston Cover) - Beach House

Favorite cover



Mimicking Birds-Burning Stars 

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